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Chiropractic care helps prepare the mother’s body for the experience of pregnancy and childbirth. Adjustments from a highly trained chiropractor help the body accommodate to these new changes and lessen the issues that may accompany it.


Pediatric chiropractic care is an important part of protecting a child’s health and wellness. At Abundant Chiropractic, we know that healthy kids become healthy adults. Chiropractic care can help ensure that your child grows to the best of their physical, mental, and cognitive ability.


Take your family’s health into your own hands and embrace the preventative health care model of chiropractic. It can not only bring about healing from any current health issues, but it will also bring about optimal body function and ideal health and wellness for years to come.


Athletes can benefit greatly from regular chiropractic adjustments. Typically, they help and improve flexibility, as well as decrease the risk for injury. Reduction of excess strain on the body from training is one the greatest secrets to increasing performance, meeting goals, and winning more often.

Our Mission

Affordable family chiropractic care is the heart and center of our Northern Liberties Philadelphia based practice. We know that true health starts from within, and no barriers should be placed on it. Understanding that every person was designed uniquely, we utilize principled chiropractic to empower you to live a life full of abundance and to help you function at 100% of your fullest God- given potential.




Our Goals & Achievements

We have spent our lives training around the world in order to provide life-changing chiropractic care to the masses. Chiropractic Care is not only a profession or service, it is our tool to help re-connect the world to its source. Our hope is that the future may continue to grow and thrive with the human potential functioning optimally at 100%.

Adjustments Served


We believe Chiropractic belongs to the world.
Check out what some of our practice members have to say about us

- Jay

“I had an amazing experience with Dr. Alex, he is very professional and he knows what he's doing. The feeling I had after my session was extraordinary! I loved the vibe of the place!”

- David

“Lovely human being, totally in tune with the contemporary world and its expressions. Most of all, he cares. He cares about the world and the people in it, and that has value these days.”

- Kayla

“I never realized how important regular chiropractic care is until I started getting adjustments from Alex. He takes his time with each patient and you can tell he is very passionate about his work.”